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Main rack Steel pipe The diameter of 48mm/2.0 thick galvanized steel pipe, the use of lattice pattern of the new sheath (Outer diameter 15mm thick) Tube cover
Coupling parts Fasteners are cast iron die-casting shape, φ48cm, with the characteristics of high-strength anti-loosening screws.
Base Injection molding,φ11×6cm
Screw All are galvanized high strength screws, with protective environmental protection plastic cover
Software Platform Interior for multilayer plate, thickness 1.8cm, 2cm covered with pearl cotton, outermost package PVC skin
Obstacle projects The main materials are: wood, pearl cotton, sponge, PVC
Slide Devil's Slide Steel frame structure: 4cm*4cm,4cm*8cm square galvanized pipe, thickness of 2.5mm, the surface through the electrostatic chalk spraying line high temperature curing (paint). Panel: The use of 2.5mm linseed oil flooring, natural elasticity, environmental protection, wear-resistant up to 80,000 rpm. Internal Guard Plate: High-density fireproof board, 1.2cm.Slide width 2m
FRP Slide 196 Resin, Thickness 7-12mm range
Protection Network   40*40mm Protection Network
Accessories Screw Stainless steel screws with protective and environmentally friendly plastic cover





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